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A Home Mortgage Broker to Realise Your Dream of Home Ownership

When you need a knowledgeable and calm mortgage broker who will educate you on the home loan options, help you make good choices, and then “get the job done”.

What you should know before you go to your bank for a home loan and how we can help

Bank rules and rates are changing all the time.

Choosing the best loan for you needs an up-to-date knowledge of current loan conditions, interest rates and fees.

Every bank has its own rules...

...about how to calculate how much you can borrow. So the amount you can borrow will be different for each bank. Your bank may not necessarily be your best option.

New customers can be valued just as much or more as loyal customers.

A bank you’ve never banked with before may be just as likely to lend to you as your own bank.

Banks can only offer you their own loans

So they may try to fit you into their loan when another loan will suit you better.

Some banks may not use all your income ...

...when calculating how much you can borrow. Types of income that may not be included are overtime, casual income, sessional income, second jobs, contract jobs, income from a new job and Family Benefits payments.

Banks process home loans like a factory production line.

There are lots of people involved in processing your home loan between making an application and settlement. No-one is focused on your application but you and your broker.

Not applying for the right loan the first time can be a problem.

A credit check will be done on you every time you apply for a home loan. If the first bank you go to won’t lend you enough (or worse, rejects your application) then the next bank you apply to will see on the credit check that you have already applied elsewhere. This can affect your chances of being approved for the loan.

How our mortgage brokers assist you & why you should talk to us first

You Have More Choice

We offer you a wide choice of loans from many different lenders giving you the greatest chance to borrow the amount you need at the lowest possible rate.

Professional Tools to Assess Choices

With thousands options on the market choosing the right loan can be difficult. We have an extensive tool kit to factually assess the options and make the right selection for you.

We Advocate for You

Everyone’s circumstances are unique. You may be surprised by how often loan applications need a mortgage professional to argue a case with the banks. We are your advocate.

Benefit from Years of Experience

There is no substitute for experience when you need a job done quickly and correctly. We have been providing mortgage broker services for over 12 years.

Advice Based on Extensive Education

Our mortgage brokers have completed at least the minimum education level of Diploma of Financial Services so you can be assured of receiving professional service.

Advice Based on Always Knowing the Latest

Mortgage conditions and rates change constantly. Our mortgage brokers complete a minimum of 20 hours additional professional education every year and are continually briefed by lenders on changes to products and policies. You’ll never be left out of date.

Government Accredited Broker

Our mortgage brokers are accredited with the Australian Securities Commissions as Credit Representatives authorised under our Australian Credit Licence Number 382830 in the name of Docherty Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 89 760 825 762)

Verified Professional Standard

We are members of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia which sets professional standard requirements for membership which gives your third party verification of our professionalism.

Surety That Your Application is a Success

Because we only get paid by the lender for our work when you get a loan you can be sure that we won’t encourage you to apply if we don’t reasonably think you can get the loan and we have every incentive to ensure your application is successful.

What Our Clients Say